Investing: The Evidence (40 mins, Non-Fiction)

Active vs Passive; two titans of investment strategy. Who will win? This surprisingly accessible and engaging documentary knows who to put its money on.

Directed, shot and edited from a script by prominent investment journalist, Robin Powell.

Made at Ember Television for RockWealth Financial Advisers.

How Do You Draw in 3D? (1 min, Non-Fiction)

Watch one of the Graphic Communication students at the University of Birmingham as they learn to draw and create in a 3D space.

Made at Ember Television for Birmingham City University.

Mixed Reality - The Space To Create (2 mins, Non-Fiction)

Take a look into the creation of an experimental final year project, as Visual Communication students and tutors at the University of Birmingham explore the word of Virtual Reality.

Made at Ember Television for Birmingham City University.

Buddy (2 mins, Non-Fiction)

Profile of one of China's best selling manga artists, Yifan 'Buddy" Ling.

Made at Ember Television for Birmingham City University.

Hacker (3 mins, Non-Fiction)

A 75 year old man's struggle with the world's most frustrating game provides a window into the torturous world of amateur golf.

WINNER BEST SHORT - Wall To Wall Media Short Film Competition

It's A Long, Long Way (5 mins, Non-Fiction)

When one of the UK's most famous pubs goes out of business, could nominative determinism be an ironic factor in its demise?

This short was used by the BBC as part of an online learning course entitled 'Digital Storytelling', run in collaboration with Future Learn and Creative Skillset.

Skip The Comments (3 mins, Non-Fiction)

3 years ago I made a body transformation skipping video for Rigs Fitness... through and unfortunate route that video went viral on Youtube. In this follow-up, the star of that video, Sam Smith, gives his reaction as he reads the many 'insightful' internet comments.

Made for Rigs Fitness.

Watch the original video, Skip The Treadmill, by clicking here.

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